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Keystone Wealth Advisors, LLC  is a registered investment advisor firm (registration does not imply that the SEC or another agency has sponsored, recommended or approved us based upon registration) based in Logan, Utah that specializes in truly diversified investment strategies. We are an asset management firm that had its roots in traditional wealth management so we relate well with clients and their desires in designing portfolios, particularly those who embrace the benefits of tactical asset allocation or non correlated asset allocation.

We hope to be a great resource to the clients we work with to not only manage their portfolio in a very unique and effective way, but to also use our experience in the industry to help select and blend complimenting strategies for an optimal client experience.

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Tyler Vanderbeek, CFP®, CMT®

Tyler Vanderbeek, CFP®, CMT®

Portfolio Manager

Chief Compliance Officer

Tyler began his financial career in 2002 when he began working together with his father concentrating on educating the community regarding investing and financial services. Along with working full time, he spent the next 2.5 years studying with The American College and successfully earned the nationally recognized designation of Certified Financial Planner®. This has allowed Tyler to pursue his career in helping people with greater expertise.

Tyler’s investing career began by finding mentors to teach him how the markets work and the strategies began from there. He has extensive knowledge in developing strategies and also utilizing options. He completed the requirements to become a Chartered Market Technician® in 2016. Completing the CMT Program demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management. The CMT program also taught how to develop a repeatable process for making decisions about important issues such as investment mix and asset allocation, or balancing risk against performance.

Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife Laura and their two children. Tyler also enjoys cycling, snow skiing, mountain biking, photography, hiking, camping, and movie nights. He has served in many volunteer positions in the community and church throughout his life giving back to this wonderful community he grew up in.

Jim Vanderbeek

Jim Vanderbeek

Investment Advisor

For more than 30 years Jim has helped hundreds of people develop a roadmap to implement ideas and strategies to reach their individual aspirations and goals.

He has founded & owned businesses and has been a speaker at civic and public gatherings regarding financial services.

As an Investment Advisor Representative of Keystone Wealth Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, Jim works in a fiduciary capacity to serve his clients best interest.  He also established a joint venture with a credit union offering their members insurance and investment services. His education and association with Snow Federal Seminars, Inc. has resulted in earning their ChFEBC designation, a chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant.

Shortly before graduating from Utah State University he married his wife Sharla. With 5 children and lots of grandchildren, Jim enjoys family time, traveling and outdoor activities. He has served as a city council member, been a leader in Lions Clubs International, served in Boy Scouts of America and been actively involved in youth sports programs.

Gordon Nelson, CPA, CFP®

Gordon Nelson, CPA, CFP®

Portfolio Manager

Gordon received a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Utah State University and worked for several years in public accounting with a focus on tax, financial planning, and investments.

He is both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner® (CFP). Gordon also worked as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch for several years before leaving and founding Keystone Wealth Management.

He has extensive experience in researching and building investment strategies and is dedicated to helping advisors build good investment solutions for their clients. He is a member of the AICPA, UACPA, and the Estate Planning Council of Northern Utah. He is a past board member of the Cache County American Red Cross, American West Heritage Center, Utah Festival Opera, and Cache Chamber of Commerce.

He has always been active in his church and service with the Boy Scouts of America. Gordon lives in Smithfield, Utah and is married with five daughters. Besides his profession, family, and church, he is also very passionate about fly fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon and hunting big game.

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