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Retirement Planning

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Retirement Income Planning

Have you ever asked yourself, “how much money will I need when I retire to not only live, but to prosper and maintain my desired lifestyle?”


Don’t Outlive Your Retirement Savings!

If you are concerned that you may either run out of money in retirement or are at risk of not having enough money to maintain the lifestyle you’ve lived for years; you’re not alone. Monthly income planning is one of the most vital steps in designing the retirement lifestyle you desire and many Americans feel lost when the subject is mentioned. One option that may be considered is a fixed or fixed indexed annuity. Annuities provide a safe vehicle that can grow your initial assets while offering protected monthly income for the rest of your life. If suitable, an annuity may be able to fill a critical gap in your retirement funds.


Is Your Retirement Safe?

There are dozens of fixed and fixed indexed annuity options offered by a large number of insurance companies ranging from large to small. Unlike securities (stocks, reits, mutual funds) annuities are backed and guaranteed by the specific insurance company whom you purchased it through. All insurance companies are rated on their financial history, financial stability, as well as their current assets and ability to pay all monies that are currently guaranteed to their insured, by several regulatory organizations. This allows us to help you make an informed and comfortable decision should you invest in an annuity.


Income You Can Count On!

Beyond being principal guaranteed, fixed and fixed indexed annuities also provide a tax sheltered vehicle for your money to grow safely. While fixed annuities offer a guaranteed rate of return, fixed indexed annuities offer upside potential depending on current caps, spreads, and participation rates determined by the insurance company. Fixed & indexed annuities provide a safe vehicle with consistent growth first and foremost, however you’re going to want your principal and all of the interest you have earned, back in your pocket at some point. This is why many annuities offer protected, guaranteed, retirement income options for you to receive your money now, soon, or years down the road. Call us today to determine if an annuity may be right for your retirement plan!

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What We Provide


Fixed Annuities: Fixed Annuities, or Multi Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGA’s) are a safe money option that are appropriate for a variety of situations. MYGA’s, as a direct alternative to a bank or financial institution CD, are set for a certain number of years, typically 3-10, and pay a guaranteed fixed rate of return each and every year. Typically, the longer the term length is of the annuity, the higher the rate of return. Rates depend on specific insurance company offerings and do vary.

In Legacy planning years you may not need to have your money exposed to potential loss in the market. If you are more concerned with consistent, guaranteed returns rather than potentially larger, yet inconsistent returns, or if you are simply looking for a safe place to park some money for a short time, a MYGA may be a great option for you.

Introduction to Annuities

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Protect Your Income

Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities, if structured properly, could provide a protected income plan to secure your future retirement. Similar to pension plans common years ago, a fixed indexed annuity provides a tax sheltered, principal guaranteed investment option that can pay you from the time you retire or from the time you choose, until the time you pass away. Understanding what your income will be during future retirement years is important and a fixed indexed annuity provides a safe and viable option for those who are suitable.

FIA’s continue to adapt and evolve providing further options to benefit or accelerate your money, your interest, and often times your bonus dollars, should you find yourself in the need of some cash and liquidation, upon unexpected illness or injury requiring Long Term Care Services down the road, and even upon unexpected tragedy occurring.

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Our Life Insurance

Universal & Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Universal and Indexed Universal Life Insurance is the most modern type of life insurance on the market. Both options have provided consumers in the market with more flexibility, potentially higher return on their monies, and more features, some included and some that are electable for a fee. UL and IUL policies provide a whole new meaning and many new advantages to life insurance.

Common reasons to buy UL or IUL

  • Flexibility (Death benefit adjustments, investment options, premium control)
  • Potentially greater cash value accumulation
  • Retirement Income options
  • No required distributions at age 59 ½, plus penalty free access to cash value
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We Have What You Need

Other Common Life Insurance Options:

Whole Life:

Common reasons to buy whole life insurance:

  • Leave a legacy for your loved ones
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • Cover Burial Expenses
  • Pay off debt or cover estate taxes

Term Insurance:

Common reasons to buy term life insurance:

  • Lower premiums than whole life
  • Cover your mortgage
  • Cover your children until they’re 18+ years old
  • You’re younger and your life insurance needs may fluctuate

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